• Cancer Registry

    A cancer registry is an information system designed for the collection, storage, and management of data on persons with cancer. Registries play a critical role in cancer surveillance, which tells us where we are in the efforts to reduce the cancer burden.

    Catholic Hospital Battor is currently taking the lead in data collection,analysis and management of different kinds of cancers in Ghana.

    Dr Bernard Hayford Atuguba
    O&G Specialist and Medical Supretendent

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  • Clinical Research on cervical cancer

    We believe that the best cervical cancer screening strategy for Ghana is a decentralised system where the services are provided by health workers in the communities through the CHPS (Community-based Health Planning and Services). This may take some time to be realised.

    In 2017, we demonstrated that cervical cancer prevention services (vaccination, screening with VIA, HPV testing with Genexpert and careHPV, follow up of screen positives with mobile colposcopy by trained nurses and treatment of cervical precancer by cryotherapy and thermal coagulation) can be brought to communities across Ghana, to the doorsteps of women, with outreach services.

    Dr Kofi Effah
    O&G Specialist and CCPTC Director

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  • Chief Executive Officer

    The year 2017 commenced well despite the erratic reimbursement of NHIS claims, yet it travailed on positively and ended well by all standards.The areas of Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynaecological services continued to be the mainstay of the hospital. It has been the tradition of the hospital to consolidate, strengthen and sustain these services as any attempt to show lukewarm attitude towards them will just tumble the image and goodwill of the hospital.Going forward, we would be looking at the major challenges, the modest achievements and what we intended doing in the coming year 2019 so as to plan to overcome possible challenges and strive to achieve more. The year also marked the 60th anniversary of the hospital in the Christ healing ministry.

    Mr Simeon Kwaku Amuzu
    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Administrator

    The Radiological unit (X-Ray) was finally completed and handed over to the hospital. The old X-Ray machines worked successfully without any problem. The room designated for Mammogram was converted to doing scans and part still contains some equipment for the emergency unit. The top floor designed for a multi-purpose use started taking shape as portions were converted to Pharmacy store and a Dental clinic. An archive for records and portions for laboratory will take shape in 2018 and so the three offices for the Estate Officer, the Foreman and the Transport officer has been cancelled totally.The Dental Unit was completed and commenced operation.

    Mr Donatus Duncan Adaletey
    Hospital Administrator

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  • Nurse Manager

    The bed capacity of the hospital stands at 249 as at end of 2017. The hospital still wards with the bed accompaniment increasing by 25. The wards are: Male Medical 28 beds, Male Surgical 31 beds, Female Medical 31 beds, Female Gynaecology 26 beds, Female Surgical 14 beds, Maternity 41 beds and Children’s Ward 73.The admission for the year stood at 11,026 as against 10,970 in 2016. There was an increase of 56 expressed in percentage as 1.01%. The year under review recorded 410 mortalities and the total inpatient days were 51,584 and 56,044 for 2017 and 2016 respectively.

    Mr Philip Diame
    Nurse Manager

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